Fatwood Creative is a South Louisiana based design firm serving up cultured creative works with bold design

Just in case you were wondering, what is Fatwood?  It is resin infused wood found at the heart and in the joints of pine trees.  Known for its highly flammable makeup this 100 percent organic fire starter ignites with a single match and holds a sustained flame.

Oh wait! You meant what is Fatwood Creative.  Well, we are a creative agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Much like the fire starter for which we are named, we ignite intriguing brand messages for our clients that focus on their core needs and help to promote sustained growth.  Your brand is much more than a single logo or image and it is our mission to develop strong client relationships that allow us to partner with you in all aspects of the creative journey.

We are creative problem solvers.

At Fatwood, we go beyond the surface and dig deep to find out what makes your business tick. Understanding your business, your product and your passion creates a bond that is hard to break. We create trust with our clients and it shows in the work we do. We don’t just want to design your logo, we want to be your go-to for anything and everything that involves your brand and your business.

creative problem solvers

Think happy thoughts...

Branding Masterpiece

My experience working with Fatwood has been top notch to say the least. Heather Goza and her team have the unique ability to manifest your ideas into a branding masterpiece for your business. I credit her dedicated attention to detail and marketing expertise as instrumental in the growth and development of my company. Heather’s work on our website, marketing materials and even attire enables my business to always put it’s best foot forward. I highly recommend Fatwood Creative to any business looking to set itself apart from the pack.
Stephen Jones, MD
Urgent Care Eleven